Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Start: Diet Day One

Reason To Loose Weight:
So That My Skinny Younger Brother is Not Embarassed By Me Anymore

What a long day. I woke up sick, like bad sick weezing (still cant find my asthma medicine either) and burning and then started...that time of the month! I still feel like shit but I feel good that I finally did good for my diet starting and so that makes me feel better about the day.

So how did the day go? Well all day I didnt want to excersize because im sick and I knew that without my asthma medicing it could flare up real bad. But when I sat down to watch biggest loser I decided I could at LEAST walk slowly on the treadmil and told myself I could stop if it felt bad. Well I kept wanting to quit but im so inspired right now that I managed to walk at a decent pace for a whole hour! Of course when I got off I imediatly crashed to the floor in pain and dizzyness but I was happy that I actually excersized! Maybe it is a insight to good things coming.

Food, well I basically stayed away. There were chips and my favorite dip and I started making a plate like old ways and I was like "wth am I doing?" I ate exactly THREE chips with a little dip and walked away! I was so proud.

At dinner I ate like 50% less then normal serving size of left over pot roast and only 2 small pieces of garlic bread instead of like 4 or 5 lol. I was also proud.

Water..I managed to chug 2 full bottles while working out and after working out and drank some green tea and ate vitamen C all to try and help myself get better. I want to be able to like work out and not be sick!

I have so much support right now coming from different places...or more like motivation. I started in a little group thing where like 55 of us are fighting to loose the most weight and win a prize. It makes me feel better like I have hope if all them are doing it, surely I can. Plus my...super close friend/ex started dieting today, hes fat too lol. So I dont want to be left behind!

Official Weight: 257.8

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Decided to start over on the first of the year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Diet Day 1

Reason To Loose Weight 2:
To See My Feet Again

Hey everyone! Well so today, I feel, was a pretty good success. Considering that I have been so bad with how I eat, I think I improved greatly. I am not where I am trying to get, but I cant just kill everything in 1 day haha. So what did I do? I forced myself to eat a breakfast, which wasnt until like Noon since I slept in, and I had a piece of bread, 45 cal bread, and a little penut butter. Then I didnt eat again until dinner and we went to a resturant and I drank 1 glass of lemonade (nest time i'll have water) and a salad! Ya it was a big salad but way better then my normal 6 piece fast food course! So I feel like today I was successful because I improved greatly even though I really wanted to get like a hamburger or something =D Oh I did have a muffin today too, which I shouldnt of had.

So for excersizing, ive been really sick lately so I can't really excersize yet because the sickness is in my lungs so I am barely able to breath, but I DID force myself to go out shopping with my parents which meant I was on my feet walking for like 2 hours =D So I think I did decent considering the situation! Yay

So tomorrow I am going to improve even more and eat even less, or eat better things like fruit instead of junk

The night before I start

Reason To Loose Weight #1:
To Tie My Shoes With Ease

So I have been on a rocky road to weight loss for a long time. I used to be skinny, but only for a short period, and then I gained a whole bunch of weight. Now im in a dangerously obese category and looking to shed the pounds off so that I can have a life again and be happy and healthy...hopefully by the end of May 2008, right in time for summer!

I thought it would be fun to make a blog, even if no one reads it. It will be a place for me to write out my daily journeys and each day im going to think of 1 new reason why I want to loose weight, that way when I have an urge to cheat I can look here for motivation! :)

So here is my starting stats:

Day: 0
Starting Weight: 262
Current Weight: 259
Weight Lost So Far: 3 pounds
Short Term Goal: 220
Middle Goal: 165
Final Goal: 120-135 (whatever makes me happy)

Feel free to help me on my journey! Id love to be connected to other blogs so if you want to be a reader comment and ill add your link and read yours a couple times a week and comment too!